How Does Word Voyage Differ from Other Online Vocabulary Programs?

  1. Vocabulary Instruction Tied to the Curriculum
    Word Voyage provides hundreds of vocabulary lists from classic and popular titles, as well as a service to create new lists on request- from any subject area! The words are immediately relevant to the students and reading comprehension is improved!
  2. Strategy vs Memorization
    Many programs help students memorize specific words. Word Voyage teaches a word-attack strategy that can be applied to any word. The students actively investigate meaning formation at the root level, and then connect this knowledge to modern definitions. Demo.
  3. Friendly Competition
    Students compete with their peers in fun and engaging games that reinforce critical skills. Great for classroom activities!
  4. Word Mastery Through Writing
    The student must demonstrate the proper usage of each word in an original sentence.
  5. Grammar and Sentence Construction
    The teacher can assign specific grammar skills for the students to practice in their sentences as well. Instructional videos are provided. Example.
  6. Formative Feedback
    Using the streamlined Sentence Review/Comment Platform, the teacher can efficiently guide the writing and revision process. With the benefit of regular, formative feedback, the students make steady progress and skills do not fall through the cracks!
  7. Teacher Directed Learning
    With Word Voyage, the teacher decides which exercises are required or optional. This means the students get more practice with the vital skills, such as word roots! Also, instruction is easily differentiated by student or group. Learn More

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