The Logical Impacts of Technology on Grammar

My parents, (Generation X) spent hours and hours in primary school learning grammar. They learned all about subject-noun agreement, prepositional phrases, sentence structure, etc. That knowledge prepared them for college and the working world. Then, in the years between their schooling and mine, computers with spelling and grammar checking programs became mainstream. Likely due to those inventions and other factors, the teaching of grammar began to take a back seat to other instruction in many schools around the country. I attended one of these schools, despite growing up in a town many parents moved to for the wonderful schools! I was a good student and I got into a great college. However, I never really learned grammar rules and that has always haunted me. What is more concerning, is that I am confident I am not a strange anomaly in my generation. Many millennials have the same grammar gaps that I have because many schools abandoned traditional grammar instruction.

Yet, technology, the very thing that may have caused this problem, can provide an answer. Word Voyage has created a platform for learning grammar through a grade-by-grade skills map, engaging videos, formative feedback from teachers, and most of all, lots and lots of practice! The students make impressive progress with their skills, and the program is very efficient for teachers to manage. It’s an effective balance.

Grammar has not been taking center stage of late, but it is still important for success on both standardized tests and in many professional fields. It is a huge part of what makes writing present as educated and convincing. I wish I had benefited from Word Voyage as a child, and I hope many students will have the opportunity to do so going forward. If you are a parent or educator, please don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more!