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Word Voyage White Papers

Click the title of any of the following to view these Word Voyage White Papers written by Abigail Konopasky, Ph.D. Each is a PDF document that will open in a new browser window.

Let's Get Critical: How Word Voyage Teaches Critical Thinking
One of the most innovative aspects of Word Voyage is its critical approach to word study. Within a structured, teacher-directed lesson, Word Voyage lets students discover word structure, meaning and origin on their own, engaging them in the process of critical thinking. Moreover, it guides them through this critical endeavor step-by-step.

The World Around the Word: How Word Voyage Builds Word Curiosity
Mentally active readers are curious about concepts and about words. Word Voyage promotes this curiosity by asking students to slow down and consider the history of words. In searching for borrowings, students practice metalinguistic knowledge, a key literacy element.

Rewinding and Reinforcing: Word Voyage's Long-Term Approach to the Skills Behind the SAT
Word Voyage offers lifelong vocabulary learning that carries students through and beyond high-stakes tests. Because they have learned high-frequency roots, started early, and practiced frequently, Word Voyage students have the knowledge and the skills to grapple with the difficult vocabulary, challenging syntax and demanding writing of the SAT.

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