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Word Voyage for Home Schools


Word Voyage is the ideal program for home schooling parents to create and monitor individualized vocabulary, spelling, sentence writing, and grammar lessons.

Built-in word lists include:

  • Greek and Latin Root Words 1: Grades 4-5
  • Greek and Latin Root Words 2: Grades 6-7
  • Greek and Latin Root Words 3: Grades 8-9
  • ACT/SAT Words
  • Literature Vocabulary Lists

Word Voyage Courses

For students wanting a total solution to their word-study needs, we offer Word Voyage Courses. With this service, you receive a 4 months of custom Word Voyage lessons, managed for you over the Web by a literacy specialist.

  • Vocabulary - Individualized lessons that meet the student at his or her level. Lessons are continually adjusted based on the student’s performance. Students work with word families and learn to master the Greek and Latin roots needed for exponential vocabulary growth. The student’s progress is carefully tracked and reported to parents monthly. Student data is retained for renewal.

  • Vocabulary, Grammar, and Sentence Writing - Individualized lessons that meet the student at his or her level. Lessons are continually adjusted based on the student’s performance. Students work with word families, learn to master critical Greek and Latin roots and perform repeated rounds of sentence writing. In the writing module students study proper word usage, sentence structures (simple, compound, complex, and compound/complex), sentence types (declarative, imperative, exclamatory, and interrogative), parts of speech, punctuation, and many other grammatical skills. All sentences are reviewed by the tutor. Substandard work is returned for revision with specific comments from the tutor. The student’s progress is carefully tracked and error patterns are targeted for improvement.

  • SAT or ACT Prep- A skills-based approach designed to prepare students for the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT, and the English, Reading and Writing sections of the ACT. 
    • Vocabulary - Students engage in an in-depth study of SAT/ACT vocabulary by breaking down each word by Greek or Latin root and studying its etymology. As they learn to identify root families, students build vocabulary exponentially, and develop powerful strategies for decoding unfamiliar words encountered in test exercises such as Sentence Completion and Passage-based reading.
    • Sentence Writing/Grammar - The program also provides an extensive study of sentence writing and grammar. Students study word usage, parts of speech, and punctuation. They also practice multi-part sentences with compound, complex, and compound/complex structures. Preparation is achieved for test sections including Improving Sentences, Identifying Sentence Errors, Punctuation, Grammar/Usage and Sentence Structure.
    • Individualized Instruction- The tutor assesses the student’s level and focuses the lessons on skills needing reinforcement. Web-based access makes it easy for the student to engage the lessons regularly and meet due dates. As progress is achieved, the tutor expands the scope and difficulty of the lessons. Word Voyage Virtual Tutor: SAT or ACT Prep offers a highly effective –and efficient– method of preparing for college entry examinations.

Word Voyage Key Features:


  • Word Roots and Root Families: introduces the word roots and relationships that are the key to unlocking meaning and expanding vocabulary
  • Word Mastery Through Writing: students learn to use words properly by writing original sentences and receiving formative feedback from their teachers
  • Grammar Skills: through practice and feedback, students learn a wide range of core skills
  • Differentiated Learning: teachers easily assign tailored lessons based on student abilities & ERB assessment scores
  • Develops Time Management Skills: students learn self-discipline through regular interaction with Word Voyage
  • Accessible 24/7: web-based software that works on all computers, iPads & most other tablets with an Internet connection
  • Information Management: delivers student work and results to the parent to support differentiation decisions and constructive feedback
  • Requires Less Parent Time: organizes individualized assignments, automatically scores vocabulary lessons and delivers student writing for feedback