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Vocabulary and Grammar Together


 Word Voyage provides vocabulary and grammar instruction in the same convenient, online lessons.  Grades 4 and up!

  • Vocabulary Tied to Your Curriculum! Word Voyage includes hundreds of word lists from classic and popular titles. Additional lists are added on request.
  • Latin and Greek Roots: The Keys to Word Power! Most multisyllabic English words have Latin or Greek roots. Word Voyage students actively engage with roots to learn how modern definitions are formed. 
  • Grammar and Sentence Construction! After completing the lesson exercises, the student must use each word in an original sentence. The teacher can assign specific grammar skills to be practiced at the same time. Instructional grammar videos are provided. Sample grammar video. The teacher can review the student's sentences and return inadequate work, with formative feedback, for revision. Here are sample assignments:
  • Spelling, Syllables, Parts of Speech, Etymology! Word Voyage students can investigate words many different ways!
  • Differentiated Instruction! Teachers can easily set-up level-appropriate units by student or group.
  • Try Word Voyage Yourself!
    • 7 day trial- Provides an overview of the lessons.
    • 60 day trial- A full-featured trial available to all teachers and students in your school. A 30-minute training webinar is provided to help you get up and running quickly. 
  • Simple to Implement! Registration, Training, and Support- it's all easy and quick! Please see Implementation Steps

Word Voyage Key Benefits

For Students:


  • Words from current readings are relevant and needed now!
  • Latin roots become familiar and easy to recognize, helping students engage unfamiliar words rather than skip over them.
  • Technology platform improves access to learning in a medium students prefer. No worksheets or workbooks to lug around, keep track of, or turn in.
  • Differentiated instruction allows students to learn key skills at their own pace, ensuring success.
  • The combination of word roots, related words, syllables, spelling, parts of speech, etymology and sentence writing provides students with a deep understanding of how words work. This knowledge stays with the students throughout their continued education.
  • Sentence writing practice leads to skills mastery. Students receive regular, formative feedback from their teacher on word usage and a wide range of grammar skills.
  • Understanding of Latin roots and strategies to unlock new words improves performance on standardized tests.

For Teachers:

  • Integration with reading content keeps curriculum tied together and makes vocabulary words relevant.
  • Customizable lists allow teachers to control what they choose to teach, without requiring additional time to create word lists or grade quizzes.
  • Students learn to slow down and pay attention to details.
  • Software platform allows teachers to monitor student work anytime from anywhere. Simple tools display how much time students are spending on each activity and their success rates. So much better than collecting and grading workbooks!
  • Streamlined sentence review platform allows teachers to stay involved in their students’ learning and to provide formative feedback; in minimal time.
  • Grammar videos and sentence writing form a foundation for further writing instruction. 

For Administrators:

  • Consistent curriculum is easy to explain to parents and easy to teach to teachers.
  • Similar per-student cost to workbooks, yet teachers efficiently cover a wider range of skills.
  • Benefit of grammar instruction and practice at no additional cost.
  • Adaptable to changes in curriculum literature over time.
  • Easy to implement across grades and schools.
  • Cloud-based, works on all computers, iPads, and Chromebooks; no IT resources needed.
  • Training and unlimited support included at no additional cost.