Vocabulary, Grammar, and Sentence Writing Course

Vocabulary, Grammar, and Sentence Writing Course

4 Month/20 Lesson Word Voyage Vocabulary, Grammar, and Sentence-Writing Course

  • Lessons managed by a Word Voyage online tutor.
  • No parent involvement required.
  • Individualized lessons that meet the student at his or her current level.
  • Literature-based vocabulary.
  • Lessons are continually adjusted based on the student’s performance.
  • Strong emphasis on Latin and Greek Roots and Root Families, as well as Spelling, Syllables, Parts of Speech, Word Origins and Proper Usage.
  • In the writing module, students study skills from the Word Voyage Grammar Scope and Sequence.
  • Regular, formative feedback is provided by the Word Voyage tutor.
  • The student’s progress is carefully tracked and reported to parents.
  • Student data is retained for course renewal.

Price below is for 4 Month/20 Lessons

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