SAT/ACT Prep Course

SAT/ACT Prep Course

4 Month/20 Lesson SAT/ACT Prep Course

  • Lessons managed by a Word Voyage online tutor.
  • No parent involvement required.
  • A skills-based approach designed to prepare students for the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT, and the English, Reading and Writing sections of the ACT.
  • Vocabulary - Students engage in an in-depth study of SAT/ACT vocabulary by breaking down each word into Greek or Latin roots and studying its etymology. As they learn to identify root families, students build vocabulary exponentially, and develop powerful strategies for decoding unfamiliar words encountered in test exercises such as Sentence Completion and Passage-Based reading.
  • Sentence Writing /Grammar - The course also provides an extensive study of sentence writing and grammar. Students study word usage, parts of speech, and punctuation. Also covered in detail are multi-part sentences with compound, complex, and compound/complex structures. Preparation is achieved for test sections including Improving Sentences, Identifying Sentence Errors, Punctuation, Grammar/Usage and Sentence Structure.
  • Individualized Instruction - The course focuses on the student's skills that need reinforcement. Web-based access makes it easy for the student to engage the lessons regularly and meet due dates. As progress is achieved, the scope and difficulty of the lessons is expanded.
  • The Word Voyage SAT/ACT Prep Course offers a highly effective –and efficient– method of preparing for college entry examinations.
  • Student data is retained for renewal.

Price below is for 4 Month/20 Lessons

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