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Upper Elementary School

As students move into 4th and 5th grade, their exposure to challenging vocabulary increases exponentially. These are often high priority words that describe characters, scenes, moods- words that cannot be passed over! Word Voyage guides students into this new world of words, while also continuing with spelling, syllables, grammar, and writing mechanics.

Comprehensive Vocabulary & Grammar for Grades 4 & 5



Literature-Based Vocabulary

Our students study words sourced from their current reading assignments. Word Voyage includes hundreds of lists from classic and popular titles, plus a service to add additional lists on request–from any subject area! Word Voyage students study the vocabulary they need now!

Latin and Greek Roots

Why do 4th and 5th graders need to study word roots? Well, to begin with, most multisyllabic words in English have them. Secondly, as explained by linguist Dr. Abigail Konopasky, exposure to root words increases exponentially during grades 4 and 5. From a linguistic standpoint, these students are taking on a new language within English, moving from the Germanic word family to the Romance word family. For example, a student reading Charlotte’s Web must navigate perspiration, commotion, endure, approximate, salutations, gullible, exertion, and many other highly descriptive root words. A student reading Number the Stars, commonly taught in grade 5, must make sense of exasperated, imperious, belligerent, impassive, residential, intricate, designate, and many others. The root words have arrived!

In the K-3 years, there is a large emphasis on memorizing spelling patterns, spelling rules, and irregular words. In addition, meanings are often easily revealed by context clues. Root words change the game: the meanings are more intricate and diverse. Context clues can help, but they are often not enough. The students must look inside the language for the key clues that unpack meanings! Memorizing must give way to analyzing.

Word Voyage provides extensive practice with a word-attack strategy we call Slow Down, Break It Down. Rather than shy away from strange words, our students learn to go after them, pick apart the roots, relate known words to unfamiliar ones, and in the process, become far more careful readers!

Word Mastery from Exercises, Games, and Original Writing!

Word Voyage offers a variety of exercises and games that help students build durable vocabularies. They can drag root cards to build meanings, relate root-level meanings to modern meanings, build root families, practice spellings, divide up syllables, investigate words in context, and identify parts of speech. I addition, Word Voyage asks the students to try out their new words in original sentences. This exercise challenges the student to pull new knowledge together in their own authentic writing.

Grammar and Sentence Construction

The Word Voyage Sentence-Writing platform can also be used to teach grammar! The program includes dozens of preset grammar lessons following a detailed scope and sequence beginning at the 4th-grade level. Teachers can customize the lessons to cover the skills their students need, and provide abundant practice to make sure no details slip through the cracks.

One on One Guidance

Word Voyage teachers provide formative feedback on word usage and grammar. As powerful as our instructional methods are, we know that technology can never replace the teacher, especially when it comes to evaluating writing! Our platform provides the leverage and convenience teachers need to deliver regular, one-on-one guidance to each student.

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