Word Voyage - Integrated Vocabulary, Grammar, and Sentence-Writing for Grades 4 and up

Middle School

Word Voyage is the ideal tool for Middle School English teachers! The program offers curriculum-based vocabulary, word roots, grammar, and sentence construction in a single platform- a highly efficient solution that also provides for differentiated instruction!

Comprehensive Vocabulary and Grammar for Grades 6-8



Meet Students in Their World

Word Voyage is web-based and available 24/7 from any PC, Mac, Chromebook, or iPad. There is nothing to install or update. How does Word Voyage differ from other online vocabulary programs?

MakE Vocabulary Relevant

Our students study words sourced from their current reading assignments. Word Voyage includes hundreds of lists from classic and popular titles, plus a service to add additional lists on request–from any subject area! Word Voyage students study the vocabulary they need now!

ImprovE Reading Comprehension

Students often skip over unfamiliar words, a habit that can undermine academic success and test performance. Word Voyage teaches a quick and reliable word-attack strategy we call Slow Down-Break It Down! It's all about Latin and Greek roots, the meaning components of most multisyllabic words in English. These are often the high-priority words that describe characters, scenes, and moods. With practice, and our students get LOTS of practice, the new habit of analyzing root patterns takes hold, meanings are revealed, and reading comprehension is greatly improved.


Keep the Focus on Writing

There are lots of ways to teach vocabulary and grammar, but when it comes to assessment, there is no substitute for evaluating the student's original writing. For this reason, our students write hundreds of sentences demonstrating word usage and grammar skills. The sentences are reviewed online by the teacher and returned for revision as needed.

MovE Grammar Skills Forward

Word Voyage includes dozens of preset grammar assignments supported by instructional videos. Assignments can be customized as needed. The students use formatting tools to identify specific sentence features and to structurally analyze their writing. Middle School is the time to get the grammar game on!

ProvidE Regular Formative Feedback

It would be very helpful if computers could accurately evaluate grammar and word usage, but they are not there yet and may never be. Our solution is to provide a highly-efficient platform for teachers to deliver formative feedback. Frequently used comments are saved for redeployment with 1 click. This system provides the regular guidance students need to build a solid foundation of skills, and to learn that yes, details do matter!

DifferentiatE Instruction

Since the skill levels of Middle School students can be all over the map, one-size-fits-all teaching tools are of limited value. Word Voyage builds a diverse data set for each student that the teacher can use to tailor instruction. No matter where students are with their skills, Word Voyage can deliver the instruction they need to move forward.

ManagE Large Student Loads

Using our lesson management tools, one teacher can manage individualized lessons for over 100 students in 15-20 minutes per day. Word Voyage provides the automation and leverage teachers need to efficiently serve each student.

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